Bitkub can open an account normally.

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Bitkub can open an account normally.

According to the official website of Bitkub On the new member registration page when pressed There will be an announcement from Bitkub saying that

"Users can Can open an account normally * Due to a large number of registered users Identity verification may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience here. "

This means that users will be able to apply for new members right now, based on Bitkub, but they will have to wait for identity verification or KYC before starting to trade. And is expected to take quite a long time But how long will it be? Bitkub did not release any such information.

Which those interested can apply at Since now But if they start trading, they may have to wait for the KYC that they provide.

Siam Blockchain previously reported that the Thai SEC has announced that it has approved Bitkub to resume accepting new clients. After Bitkub experienced technical problems in January of the past. Until resulting in having to be braked to receive new customers for more than 1 month ever

“The SEC approved the meeting No. 7/2564 on April 7, 2021 to allow Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. (Bitkub) to accept new customers as usual from 9:00 am onwards. Bitkub has made adjustments to various systems and personnel to be suitable and sufficient for the business volume. Complies with all applicable laws and regulations "
According to the announcement part of the SEC.

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