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It is a specialized security device that allows users to store their cryptocurrency holdings.Trezor is the world's first and most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It allows you to make secure payments and manage cryptocurrencies.




High Security


Hardware wallet is a specialized security device that allows users to store their cryptocurrency holdings. Trezor is the world's first and most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It allows you to make secure payments and manage cryptocurrencies without exposing any sensitive information to potentially compromised computers.




TREZOR is a small, key-sized device that is connected to your computer with a USB cable. Store your private Bitcoin keys offline and sign transactions. Can be used safely on computers infected with malware.

TREZOR is a USB 2.0 device compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X (10.8 or later).


Easy backup
  • Easily backup all your wallet data in just one tap.
  • To make backups easier, we've helped create a Standard Recovery Seed Phase (BIP32 / 39/44), which means you can restore your entire wallet using a 12 word recovery Seed Phase. You lost




The device supports mobile devices and laptops. Android. At this time there is no support for iOS.

Users will need to download Trezor manager file from the Google Play Store, which allows them to manage their wallet from their mobile phone. Mobile apps can be used to send cryptocurrencies Create an address and view account details.

With this device, users can also connect to other wallet apps including MyEtherWallet, And Electrum.

It also supports integration with Bitstamp and Bitex exchanges. So users can sign in and submit. cryptocurrencies You can go directly to these exchanges using Trezor devices.


Microcontrollers & connector

  • Connector: Micro USB
  • Chip: 120 MHz embedded ARM (Cortex M3) based on a self-developed system.




Trezor devices are compatible with both computers and smartphones. Supported operating systems are Windows 7 and above, macOS 10.11 and above, Linux and Android OS.


Dimensions & Weight
  • Size: 60 x 30 x 6 mm. (2.4 x 1.2 x 0.2 in.)
  • Weight 12 g (0.42 oz.)



Box Contents
  • 1 hardware wallet
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 getting started leaflet
  • 3 recovery sheets


  • Polished plastic (matt), strong



Cryptographic Support

Trezor supports hundreds of coins and tokens including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum (+ all ERC20 tokens), Ethereum Classic, Expanse, UBIQ, NEM and Bitcoin testnet referring to trezor. .io / coins For a list of all supported cryptocurrencies




Shipping By

K E R R Y   E X P R E S S

  • The period of "express delivery" usually takes 1-2 business days (excluding Sundays and public holidays) and depends on the customer's delivery area.
  • Tracking number will be updated automatically in the system after the customer orders the product. If the status has not changed to shipped Please contact the company to check the shipping status.
    * Https:// * Check the status here
  • In the event that the product is damaged during transportation Customers can notify the company (hotline) 061-696-5224 then the company. Will check with the shipping way




  • *** The product is 100% new and authentic *

  • Products imported from abroad, the company is a distributor There is a 30-day warranty from the company from the date of purchase, delivery of the product. All products, factory QC, complete with warranty card seal to prevent counterfeiting or imitation. And without any unpacking, customers unpack the product, if there are marks or damaged, please notify the company immediately, do not plug in any connected equipment (will be considered void)
  • Every product is checked before delivery to every customer. During use, a HardWare or SoftWare defect occurs during the warranty period. Claims can be returned to the company except for damage caused by careless use or misuse, scratches, tampered products, abnormal products caused by non-maintenance. (Considered void)
  • Check every product inside the box Complete, such as products, manuals and peripherals If there is any damage, notify the company and return it, the company will inspect and send a new product for replacement. If the insurance period is over (Will be considered void)



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