Aputure Camera Microphone A.lav ez

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Aputure Camera Microphone A.lav ez


The A.lav ez is a broadcast-grade omni-directional lavaliere microphone designed for mobile use. It can be used when recording films, podcasts, interviews and voiceovers--anytime professional-qualified audio is required in a compact, portable unit.

The A.lav ez delivers clear, natural sound. By employing a selected qualified omni-directional condenser capsule, the A.lav ez picks up sound equally from all directions. In addition, its flat frequency response is optimized for the sound of the human voice.



EZ for its Ease of Use

The A.lav ez is a perfect fit for mobile use with a 1/8"(3.5mm) TRRS input. With 10ft durable cable, it ensures that you will never stretch or snap your microphone. Simply clip it onto your clothes and plug it into your mobile devices and start recording. Getting professional audio has never been so easy.


Ultraportable Anywhere, Anytime

With a lightweight, portable A.lav ez, your recordings will be fast and unobtrusive. You'll never have to carry an additional audio accessories. The sturdy clip will free up your speaker's hands for a more expressive recordings.



The A.lav ez is hands-free and comes with all the accessories you'll ever need. The included windscreen and windshield are able to minimize noise and vocal plosives greatly. The cord organizer allows for clean cable management. The rugged carry case is perfect for carrying and protecting the entire kit together.


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